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Meet Laura S.

Lauras originally from Chicago, and is a Columbia College Graduate. Laura has appeared in a variety of TV shows and Films. You may recognize her from Frank Caliendo’s hit show ‘Frank TV” on TBS in which she appeared in several hilarious sketches during the shows final season to CBS’ CSI:Miami in which she played the iniquitous Mia Graham. Her range and versatility are like no other.

She is an accomplished comedic: impressionist (known for doing celebrities, and political figures on both sides of the aisle), a writer and has created endless original comedic characters.In addition to guest star roles, you may have seen Laura on the Improv stages of LA and Chicago, and in several internet comedy sketches that have gone viral! A big viral hit was David Zucker’s ‘Call Me Senator’ in which she was aged 40 years to play the lead role.

Her recent impression, a fully improvised sketch of Sandra Bernhard was featured on the front page of Will Ferrell’s Funny or Die, and is still going strong! You can hear Laura on, ‘The Big Show with John Boy and Billy in June, a nationally syndicated radio show, and last Fall she appeared on the late night news and comedy show, ‘Red Eye with Greg Gutfeld’ . You can hear her on 'Koz Effect' where each week she plays a different expert on the show. You can also hear her on 'Grand Theft Audio' where she often appears as a guest.

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